• Chapter 1: The Fortress from the Mountain of Love

    • In the beginning... there was a «Fortress» and a «village», but until «that day» there was nothing. In the «first day» there was only a white light, then from the Mountain of the Fortress a «river» began to flow, it was a «river» of special «water», the basic «substance» of all that was later built.
  • Chapter 2: Labor for almost seven minutes

    • When in the «Fortress» the Feast of Renewal had begun and the time had come to build the second Jubilee Planet – for every fiftieth planet was a Jubilee Planet – that was the moment when «Love» planted a garden in the «village»... in the beginning.
  • Chapter 3: Fatal magic; lost of Love

    • Although the «village» had not suffered a single drop of the ill consequences of the war that had suddenly broken out on a feast day in the «Fortress», yet one day in the garden planted by «Love» there was a misfortune... it was an act of magic.
  • Chapter 4: Freedom from slavery hijacked

    • When a famine drove away the princes whose parents had been stewards in the «garden of Love», they, led by «Love», became slaves in a foreign land far from the land that «Love» had given to them... and were slaves for a long time.
  • Chapter 5: The sacrificed King; magic plot

    • The king of the «Fortress» himself was touched by their suffering and hardship. At the right moment he left the «Fortress», descended into the «village» enslaved by magic... dressed as a slave he mingled among those who had been enslaved, offering deliverance.
  • Chapter 6: The King's treasures buried by thieves

    • Although the king had come up with the solution for deliverance from slavery, his actions were not understood... on the contrary, they were twisted especially by the authorities just to maintain slavery as long as possible, because the slavery of the multitude was to the advantage of the higher-ups.
  • Chapter 7: The hidden prince brought by rain and water

    • When the king saw the attitude of the authorities, he was very angry because these leaders were holding back the solution of the chance of deliverance... then the king secretly adopted a slave and gave him the authority to deliver everyone from the magic of the lie.
  • Chapter 8: Magic destroyed with hail and fire

    • At the end, when the prince adopted will have exposed the lies and false authority of the leaders over the slaves, the king himself with all his armies will come again from the «Fortress» to do righteousness and to destroy with hail and fire the liars.

I say... Love is the key to understanding everything. Love sustains everything in the Universe. Although it is not seen, Love is the pulsating «spring» of life of all that exists and has being. Love is the «force» that underlies all other forces in the Universe; it is unseen, but it is reflected in all that exists. Love is «pink»! (The Letters of Salem, Intro)

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1: The Fortress from the Mountain of Love

In the beginning... there was a «Fortress» and a «village», but until «that day» there was nothing. In the «first day» there was only a white light, then from the Mountain of the Fortress a «river» began to flow, it was a «river» of special «water», the basic «substance» of all that was later built.

2: Labor for almost seven minutes

When in the «Fortress» the Feast of Renewal had begun and the time had come to build the second Jubilee Planet – for every fiftieth planet was a Jubilee Planet – that was the moment when «Love» planted a garden in the «village»... in the beginning.

3: Fatal magic; lost of Love

Although the «village» had not suffered a single drop of the ill consequences of the war that had suddenly broken out on a feast day in the «Fortress», yet one day in the garden planted by «Love» there was a misfortune... it was an act of magic.

4: Freedom from slavery hijacked

When a famine drove away the princes whose parents had been stewards in the «garden of Love», they, led by «Love», became slaves in a foreign land far from the land that «Love» had given to them... and were slaves for a long time.

5: The sacrificed King; magic plot

The king of the «Fortress» himself was touched by their suffering and hardship. At the right moment he left the «Fortress», descended into the «village» enslaved by magic... dressed as a slave he mingled among those who had been enslaved, offering deliverance.

6: The King's treasures buried by thieves

Although the king had come up with the solution for deliverance from slavery, his actions were not understood... on the contrary, they were twisted especially by the authorities just to maintain slavery as long as possible, because the slavery of the multitude was to the advantage of the higher-ups.

7: The hidden prince brought by rain and water

When the king saw the attitude of the authorities, he was very angry because these leaders were holding back the solution of the chance of deliverance... then the king secretly adopted a slave and gave him the authority to deliver everyone from the magic of the lie.

8: Magic destroyed with hail and fire

At the end, when the prince adopted will have exposed the lies and false authority of the leaders over the slaves, the king himself with all his armies will come again from the «Fortress» to do righteousness and to destroy with hail and fire the liars.

Other Letters; Rivers of Salem


The days of Sukkot; a «Day» (year) of vengeance!

The days of Sukkot; a «Day» (year) of vengeance!

The days of Sukkot; a «Day» (year) of vengeance!

Indeed, the last day of Sukkot this year is one of the darkest days in the history of the chosen people, from the time of Abraham’s calling to the present day. A day marked by the animalistic and demonic brutality of Israel’s enemies, a day that takes me back to the capture of Lot by the barbarians of the lowland settlements, but also to the vengeance of the One-who-Is by the sword of Abraham.

Israel’s enemies have this time made the mistake of all time, bringing upon them a vengeance that has been waiting for ages, a rage gathered throughout the long bloody history of this chosen people.

This attack on a Sukkot day and on a Sabbath day has filled the cup of an anger that will pour out upon all who have, who have had, and will have a sword stretched out to Jerusalem. And the fact that these madmen have attacked the chosen ones at the very beginning of the Jubilee, which was supposed to be a year of rejoicing... they have attacked the chosen ones on a day of Sukkot, which was supposed to be a day of rejoicing... these madmen have made an attempt against the very One-who-Is, the One who instituted these feasts in His eternal Covenant with the people whom the «Love» has chosen... it is serious!... more grievous than it has ever been before!... why?... because of the Jubilee!... because of the time set in the Universe to be a day of vengeance!

One of Islam’s greatest mistakes, since its very beginning, has been its departure from the true Scriptures, where the One-who-Is has clearly expressed the choice He has made regarding Israel, but has also stipulated the consequences that will follow if anyone dares to touch even a hair of one of His chosen.

There is a special prophecy about Sukkot, «on that Day», on “that great and dreadful day” ... on the very Jubilee.

“In that day, those of the nations who will rise up against Jerusalem in the «year of years» (Jubilee), before the king (prince) and the One-who-Is, at the times of Sukkot... upon those of the families of the earth who will not keep count of Sukkot to worship the King, the One-who-Is, the «rain» (Jubilee blessing) will not fall on them... they shall be smitten with the plague, the plague with which the One-who-Is shall smite the nations that profane the Sukkot.” “This is the plague with which the One-who-Is will strike all the peoples who fight against Jerusalem: it will dry up their flesh while they are still standing, it will dry up their eyes in their holes, and it will dry up their tongues in their mouths.”

There is something special about Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) on the Jubilee. Because both the feast and the whole year have to do with rejoicing, redemption, and settling into the promised rest, on the Jubilee occasion, Sukkot becomes a celebration that spans the entire Jubilee year. In other words, the Jubilee opens a year-long Sukkot. The two events become one. That is why this year’s Sukkot is special, and all the more grievous is the madness of the enemies with swords pointed against Jerusalem (Israel) on this special occasion... this time the punishment will be applied: the One-who-Is “will dry their flesh while they are still standing, dry their eyes in their holes, and dry their tongues in their mouths”.

The situation is even worse because this time, beginning with the Jubilee, Israel has a king, the king of whom it has been said, “I see him, but not now; I look at him, but not from near. A star rises from Jacob, a prince rises from Israel. He shall pierce through the rulers of Moab and subdue all the children of Seth; he shall overcome Edom; he shall conquer the opposing Seir... Israel is raised up!

What my eyes have seen with this invasion of beings without humanity, I have never seen in my life! To take children, women, old men, and defenseless people motivated by unjustified hatred... to take them with such brutality, and to behave worse than in the jungle... it's unthinkable!... something that cannot be justified at all! Something whose only suitable counteraction is the very punishment chosen by the One-who-Is: “He will dry their flesh while they are still standing, dry their eyes in their holes and dry their tongues in their mouths” ... without «water» («rain»)!

I saw in that woman dragged like an animal from the trunk outside, held by the hair, covered in blood, tied with her hands behind her back, I saw the “daughter of Zion” dragged and treated with all the vileness throughout the centuries, trampled on with brutality by the nations... but I have bad news for all those involved in such barbarisms: the day of vengeance has come!... a trap has been set for the nations and they have fallen in droves... the Jubilee has come: a year of reward for Israel, a «Day» of vengeance!

“Behold, what the One-who-Is proclaims to the ends of the earth: say to the daughter of Zion, ‘Behold, your Deliverer is coming; behold, the payment is with Him, and the reward goes before Him.’”

“Draw near, you nations, and hear! Hearken, you peoples!... For the One-who-Is himself is angry with all the nations and full of wrath with all their host... For My sword... shall come down upon Edom, upon the people whom I have condemned to extinction, to judge them... For it is a day of vengeance from the One-who-Is, a year of recompense and vengeance for Zion.”

“Then shall they tremble with fear without any cause of fright; the One-who-Is shall scatter the dry bones of them that rise up against you, shall put them to shame, for the One-who-Is has cast them off...

O!... Behold, he who will bring forth the deliverance of Israel from Zion!

On that day, when He-who-is will bring back the captives of war to His people, Jacob will rejoice, and Israel will be joyful” ... why?... thanks to the Jubilee!

Oct 12, 2023

When you look at what is happening in the «The-Most-Beautiful-Land» it is impossible to not be shocked by the atrocities that happened there with a hatred and violence that seems to have been imported from the Middle Ages: women raped, babies decapitated, husbands with their wives and children burned alive... only the bonfire was missing!

Any human being with the mental faculties still intact is rightly asking “how such a thing is possible?” ... how?! ... how from the mind of a beings endowed (normally) with a conscience can arise the thought of such actions that have no place in a humanity truly understood? There are some laws of humanity, and if there is no place in “loving your enemies”, there should be a place in “don’t do to others what you dislike”... so I define the elementary rule of humanity, although it would be preferable to “love your neighbor as yourself”... it is the first social law that came through Moses, as it was later called, among the disciples, “the first commandment”... at the level of inter-human relations.

Many find the blame for what has happened in the very agitated and disunited state of those who by definition as a nation should have been watchful… and end up pointing the finger at the tense political situation and bad national security management. At first glance this would seem to be the case, in essence this time things have a much deeper substratum because essentially the main Watcher over Jerusalem and the «The-Most-Beautiful-Land» is the One-who-Is. Did He not say that “he who touches you touches the light of My eyes”?

Where was He who “neither slumbers nor sleeps, who watches over Israel”? The answer is: He was there!... He was a silent Witness!... He was the One who wept!... and is the One who will rise as the Avenger!

Those who touched Israel this time made the mistake of their existence!... the hour of their judgment has come, and in the language of the Quran I tell them that the Hell shall be poured upon them… and I do not speak about the troops of soldiers prepared for an invasion... no!... for that would largely mean the death of both, the guilty and the not guilty: women, children, old and powerless.

This time, a prophecy has been fulfilled that shows us exactly where we are in the firmament of history and tells us who is the moral author of the atrocity that has taken place, but also how the vengeance will be wrought, and who will do it... the prophet says: “But some news... will terrify him, and then he will proceed with great anger to destroy and slaughter many with atrocities. He will spread his tents (camp) of his palace between the sea and the holy and glorious mountain. But he will meet his end, and no one will come to his help.

It is shocking how this prophecy was fulfilled right at the beginning of the Jubilee, on a Sabbath day and a Sukkot day! It is shocking how the camp between the Mediterranean and Mount Zion rushed like a tsunami into «The-Most-Beautiful-Land», destroying with such ferocity its inhabitants who were living peacefully in their own land, in their own home, in their own bed and in the rest commanded by the One-who-Is Himself.

The greatest shock is not the barbarian acts with which this prophecy has been fulfilled, the real shock is that this prophecy reveals who the moral author of this act of genocide is. At first glance it would be Islam, more precisely the extremist groups born out of the Quran... but NO!... shockingly, the moral author of this cataclysm against humanity is actually the Papal Institution. How? It is very easy to identify in the prophecy that the “emperor of the north” is the “little horn”, it is even the Papacy.

The legitimate question is: how can the Papal Institution be linked to Islam and Hamas? And for this we have to take a brief trip back in history, even in the Middle Ages, to analyze the circumstances in which Islam was born.

In short, at that time the Pope had two problems in «The-Most-Beautiful-Land». The first was «Christianity» (the authentic one!) with major influences in Asia and especially in Jerusalem; the second problem of the Papacy was that it wanted since the conquest of “Rome” to place its seat in Jerusalem. To do this it needed a puppy to conquer for itself the Jerusalem, but once the puppy found itself with a bone in its mouth, it no longer obeyed its master. Apparently, the master sent his armies to kneel down Islam and capture Jerusalem, in reality it was a battle against witnesses and any documents that could testify the truth about Islam’s birth certificate. Every witness and document have been burned. Two hundred years are missing from the testimony of history and all we have today about the beginnings of Islam we have from stories that were not witnessed at the birth. The real testimonies (documents) are under seal, hidden in the vault of the Vatican library. The “spiritual” leaders of both sides know the truth about the origins of Islam. Even occult societies know that Islam was commanded into existence by the Papacy.

A close look at the two religions, the (Papal) “Christianity” and the Islam, we will find that they have essentially the same doctrine, the differences coming only from the traditional background on which the two religions evolved, the first evolving on the pagan and polytheistic background of Rome (Europe), the second evolving on the monotheistic background of the tribes with origin in Abraham. While “Christianity” grew up eating anything and somewhat polytheistic with worship of statues and paintings, Islam grew up differently, not eating anything and somewhat monotheistic and without worship of statues and paintings. But we need to look much deeper.

Among the first interests that the “angel” ;-) seems to have had when he “dictated” the Quranic writings were the “Virgin Mary” (even her mother) and the authority of the Church over the unbelievers. I bring in special attention the “authority of the Church” which is found in the following words: “I will set your followers [apparently Jesus’ disciples] over those who do not believe until the day of resurrection” (3:55). In other words, the “angel” says that over the Muslim world (of believers) Islam was to be the authority, while over the world of non-believers (in Islam) “those who followed” Jesus were to have the authority … of course not the (dead) disciples, but the one who sat on “Peter’s seat” (Caesar!) ... the Pope.

In order to demonstrate that “Christianity” and Islam are essentially one and the same, meaning the same coin but with different faces, it is sufficient to examine just one of the doctrines, the most important one, namely how these two religions view redemption (salvation). It is shocking how, on this subject, the Quran overlaps like a custom-made glove on the right hand of “Christian” (Papal) theology. In short, Islam believes and claims the following: we live in the body until death, after which there will be a resurrection and a judgment; those who have done works suitable for Heaven will go to Heaven, those who have not, will be (bound with chains and) cast into a Hell that will burn for eternity. It is the same theology that “Christianity” had at the time when the Quran was written. They are identical!... the difference comes only from the pagan background on which “Christianity” evolved, a background that believed in the “immortality of the soul” ... somehow in “Christianity”, at death the soul goes to Hell or Heaven (depending on the works), then is resurrected at the resurrection, judged, and sent (again) for eternity to Heaven or Hell. Essentially it is the same doctrine... a false doctrine! The Scriptures do NOT support such a thing!

Some might say that there is a major difference in the way that the two religions look at Jesus. At a superficial look you might be considered insane to not agree.... and yet... let’s look deeper. Both religions are fierceness about what happened at the occasion of Yeshua's sacrifice. If for “Christians” the sacrifice of Jesus has no redeeming value, from the point of view of the Quran Jesus did not even die, rather it was an illusion, a deception.

The real problem of “Christianity” is the way in which it has transformed the Son of God into something that He is not, furthermore it undressed and robbed Him of all the attributes of «HaMashiach»: Priest, King, Prophet.

Despite the fact that the «Christianity» (Epistles) say that there is one Mediator (Priest) between divinity and man, the Pope declared himself a priest and established an illegitimate priesthood – illegitimate in relation to the One-who-Is –, not being from the tribe of Levi. Despite the fact that the «Christianity» (Epistles) say there is one Lord in Heaven and on Earth, the Pope by himself has enthroned on the supposed throne of Peter, with no right to kingship in relation to the One-who-Is, Peter not being of the tribe of Judah... moreover the «Christianity» (Epistles) say there is one Head over the body of the Church, and the Head in question is not the Pope! And lastly, despite the fact that Yeshua (HaMashiach) came to be a Prophet and to fulfill the prophecies of Scripture, the Papacy from its beginnings had a problem with these prophecies and even with the Scriptures themselves. All of its efforts throughout history have been directed against the Scriptures with much the same zeal with which it wanted the Jerusalem. At the beginning the Papacy kept the Scriptures under lock and key, then altered them, then preached them in a language foreign to the crowd, then developed all sorts of doctrines, each more satanic and pagan. In other words, “Christianity” does not view Yeshua (HaMashiach) any better than Islam does.

The Papacy has been keen to promote “the Virgin” because its interests have been more mystical and occult. The true origins of “Christianity” and Islam are to be found in the hidden (occult) religion of Nimrod... that of the Tower of Babel... a covert worship to Bal (ex-Lucifer).

The mode of worship of Muslims and “Christians” is similar in forms, and unlike Jews, they see in holy places as an image (icon, idol), a present mystical manifestation, while Jews see in them only a place where the divine once has manifested... it’s a huge difference! In other words, there is no difference between the statues (idols) and paintings (icons) of “Christianity” and the holy places of Islam; it is the same (mystical) idolatry in a transvestite form of “monotheism”, in reality it is a worship of demons, hatred and lies... “You have as your father the devil, and you want to fulfill your father’s desires. He has been a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.... for he is a liar and the father of every lie.”

There is no difference between the authority of priests in “Christianity” and the authority of “priests” in Islam. There is no difference between papal anti-Semitism and that of Islam; no difference between hatred of the Sabbath; no difference in the desire to conquer Jerusalem – the “City of the great king”.

Islam, in essence, has its origins in a “Christianity” standing at the opposite pole of the Scriptures... worse, the radical Islam has inherited the habits of the Papacy from the Middle Ages: murders, tortures, death to all who are otherwise, and death first of all to the Jews. Radical Islam is a present-day expression of the inquisition and crusades of the Middle Ages.

If one could trace the funding that has supported all the organizations that have risen up against Jerusalem and the Jews over the years, one would discover that many actions (even terrorist ones) have also been funded by the Vatican... the same Papacy that secretly rejoiced in the atrocities of Nazism.

Today the little man dressed in white comes out on the balcony of the “citadel of seven hills” and says, “stop the killing!” ... but he doesn’t say it from the rebuke of conscience... he says it only to cover his hands stained with the blood of innocents... for in essence the Papacy is the moral author of the atrocities committed by Hamas... indeed, because a thousand and some years ago the Pope tried to train a little donkey... a pagan’s mistake!... for if he had read the Scriptures, he would have understood that the little donkey that he imagined would enter triumphantly into Jerusalem was in fact, according to the Scriptures, a “wild donkey”: “You will name him Ishmael... He shall be like a wild donkey among men; his anger shall be against all men, and the anger of all men shall be against him.” ... and so it was!... and so we see it is today!

Returning to the prophecy that points to the Papacy being at least morally responsible for the stationing of its mercenary troops between the Mediterranean and the Holy Mountain, this prophecy not only speaks of the atrocity that has taken place, “a great anger to destroy and slaughter many with atrocities”, but also tells what the punishment for these atrocities will be, and how it will be realized: “he will meet his end, and no one will come to his help” ... this “the end” and this lack of response as “help” does not refer only to Hamas... no!... it has in regard to both Papacy and Islam!

It is obvious and clear that the Israeli armies do not have the intention – nor the ability – to achieve something like this, which is prophetically called “the fall of Babylon”. I don’t want to insist now on what “Babylon” represents in the Scriptures, instead I want to bring up something much more important, namely, how this “fall of Babylon” (of “Rome” and her first daughter, Islam) is realized.

The prophecy says: “he will meet his end, and no one will come to his help, for then the Great Prince Michael (the One who is the One-who-Is) will arise, the Protector of the children of His people... at that time His people will be saved (delivered, redeemed)”... in other words the scene introduces the «Messiah», the king awaited by the Jews for ages, the one about whom it is said: “a prince rises from Israel. He shall pierce through the rulers of Moab and subdue all the children of Seth; he shall overcome Edom; he shall conquer the opposing Seir.”

The prophecy says, “He (the One-who-Is) looks down from the height of His holiness, the One-who-Is looks down from Heaven to Earth, to hear the groaning of the prisoners of war and to deliver those who are about to die; that they may proclaim in Zion the name of the One-who-Is and His praises in Jerusalem, when all nations and all kingdoms shall be gathered together to serve the One-who-Is.” ... how is this to be accomplished?

The prophecy says, “The One-who-Art, give thy judgments to the king, and give thy righteousness to the King’s son. And he will judge Your people with justice and Your wretched ones with impartiality... he will do justice to the wretched of the people... and shall crush the oppressor... in his days shall the righteous flourish and there shall be abundance of peace until the moon is no more. He shall rule from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth... all kings shall worship him, and all nations shall serve him... his name shall stand for ever, as long as the Sun holds his name. With him shall they bless one another, and all nations shall call him blessed. Blessed be the One-who-Is the «Love» of Israel, the only One who works miracles! Blessed be His glorious name forever, and let all the earth be filled with His glory! Amen! And again, I say: Amen!”

How?... thanks to the Jubilee, for the «Day» of Judgement has come!

The prophecy (in short) says that at “the middle of the week” the “sacrifice (of food) and drink” will come to an end. I don’t go into all the aspects of this prophecy about the “prince” or “Prince” and the other details which I have covered and explained in detail in “The Day of the Law”.

The prophecy about the ending of the “sacrifice (of food) and drink” was first fulfilled in the middle of the week “over the years” when in 32 AD, on the occasion of the supreme Sacrifice of Yeshua (HaMashiach) the Temple ceremonies were suspended for a period, on which occasion the “sacrifice (of food) and drink” also came to an end – obviously – on the event of the destruction of the Temple by the soldiers of the Roman Empire.

In addition to this fulfillment of prophecy, the prophecy was to be fulfilled once again on the occasion of the coming of the «prince from David», that “great king of Jerusalem” who was to come as an expression of the “fall of Babylon”, on which occasion some practices of “sacrifice (of food) and drink” were to be forever abolished. These practices of claiming to be a sacrifice (gift) before the One-who-Is were related to “food” (bread) and “drink” (wine), which in “Christian” language is translated as “transubstantiation”, essentially an offensive practice to the One-who-Is and a mystical sacrifice offered to demons and to the ex-Lucifer... a practice that was to be brought to an end (extermination) forever.

“Transubstantiation” is that mystical phenomenon that takes place at the request of the priest, a special request called “eucharist”, whereby the bread and wine in the hands of the priests are mystically (occultly) transformed into the body and blood of God. In other words, God is a kind of puppy dog, who, at the priest’s command “Come here!”, interrupts all activity and executes Himself, making Himself flesh and blood in place of the bread and wine put before the priests, a kind of “abracadabra”. Putting irony aside and pointing out as seriously as possible, transubstantiation is one of the greatest mockeries ever invented by demons against the One-who-is. By this practice of “Christianity” the unique and complete sacrifice of the Lamb of the One-who-Is accomplished by His death on the “altar” at the edge of Jerusalem is totally disregarded.

The central idea of the Scriptures is that the One-who-Is loved the World (Universe) so much that He made the ultimate sacrifice through the death of Yeshua (HaMashiach), the Bread and Life (Blood) who came down from Heaven to give Himself to death in the place of the believer who returns from his wandering from death to life, to abundant life.

What was accomplished on Calvary Hill, the salvation, was accomplished once and for ever! This one and complete Sacrifice to cover the sins of all mankind was foreshadowed and prophesied from the very beginning, from the time when Adam and Eve were clothed in the garments of sacrifice, that system of sacrifice which Abel later practiced. This sacrifice of the lamb was imported into the uninterrupted sacred services at the Temple, the place where the One-who-Is taught His people the principles of salvation. In every lamb sacrificed at Temple was the promise of salvation that the One-who-Is will realize at the cross of the ages. At the same time, salvation was present day by day in the Temple through the miracle of the connection between that historical present and the moment of the Sacrifice, but this does not mean that the blood of the lamb on the altar was (mystically) the blood of the Lamb, nor that the flesh of the lamb consumed on the altar was not the flesh of the Son of God... In other words, the blasphemy called “transubstantiation” was never taught or present (found) at the Temple... a kind of travestying of the lie in truth... a kind of death for sure!

The prophecy says that with the fulfillment of this prophecy, this shamelessness and foolishness will come to an end, and this will come to concrete fruition in the “fall of Babylon”, meaning the fall of any kind of religious system with its origins in deception... why?... because the Jubilee also means deliverance from lie, as it means delivery of the people of the One-who-Is from every form of subjugation, whether physical or spiritual, through truth and justice... moreover, the Jubilee is also a day (year) of vengeance of the One who chose the Jerusalem and chose Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to live, they and their children, they and their children’s children, in the Promised Land, in the «The-Most-Beautiful-Land».

“Therefore, behold, the days are coming – says the One-who-Is – when it will no longer be said: As the One-who-Is lives, who brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. But it shall be said: As the One-who-Is lives, who brought the children of Israel out of the land of the north ('Babylon') and out of all the countries where he had driven them... for I will bring them back to their land, which I gave to their fathers.” “I will multiply your seed like the stars of heaven, and I will give to your descendants all this land of which I have spoken, and they shall possess it forever.” “For I will bring you out from among the nations, and gather you out of all countries, and bring you again into your own land.”

“Thus saith the One-who-Is: If I have not made my covenant with day and night, if I have not established the laws of heaven and earth, then I will also deny the seed of Jacob and of my servant David, and will not take of his seed those who shall rule over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; for I will bring back the captives of war, and will have mercy on them.”

“You shall proclaim the liberty of the land to all its inhabitants: this shall be to you the year of rejoicing (Jubilee); everyone shall return to his own land, and each of you shall return to his own family. The fiftieth year shall be to you the year of rejoicing... and consider it holy.” “He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the slaves, and deliverance to the war captives; to proclaim a year of mercy of the One-who-Is, and a day of vengeance of our «Love»; to comfort the sorrowful, to give to the sorrowful in Zion, to give them a royal crown instead of ashes, an oil of joy instead of weeping, a garment of praise instead of a mournful spirit, that they may be called the righteousness of the Earth, a seedling of the One-who-Is, to serve to His glory.”

What a Jubilee!... Amen!

Why is Israel the cornerstone on which the Universe was built?

Why is Israel the cornerstone on which the Universe was built?

10 Av: a mirror (prism) day of an eternal Covenant

Perhaps one of the most common themes of the Scriptures is the waiting; a waiting related to seeking, but especially to the fulfillment of a certain time or promise... at the appointed time.

Perhaps one of the outstanding characteristics of the chosen people is the waiting. This people has been in a constant state of waiting, and perhaps this waiting has kept him alive through the ages: “How to die out, when his promises have not yet been fulfilled?!”

This people was born from waiting... Abraham’s waiting for his promised son, Jacob’s waiting first for Rachel, then to return home... Israel’s waiting in Egypt for a deliverer, Moses’ waiting to be told from the burning bush that it was time for a miracle to occur.

This waiting has been accompanied by mistakes. Sometimes a long wait brings doubt, and there have been many cases where, on the eve of the expected moment, the man or the people have found themselves at the worst moment of their waiting, totally unprepared. Even Abraham, the man of the most extraordinary promises, the father of all believers, just before the fulfilment of the promise, fell badly in regard to waiting... finding human solutions to “help” the One-who-Is in the fulfilment of His promises.

Over time, after Israel had witnessed the miracle of deliverance from the captivity of Egypt, just after the chosen people had seen the glorious manifestation of the One-who-Is, pronouncing the Covenant with His people on Mount Sinai, amid thunder and lightning, even after these charged moments of the presence of the One-who-Is in his midst, Israel, waiting for Moses, who had been on the mountain for almost forty days, this people of waiting grows weary of waiting and falls into a fatal idolatry. It was the 9th of Av [see Day of the Law...], the day on which Moses broke before the golden calf the tablets of the Law written by the «Love» of Israel Himself... what a day!... a unique day in history, but also repeated in similar events, unfortunately, over and over again, over the ages.

But I don’t want to dwell on this day. There are much more important days to dwell on, and the most important of them is the day after the 9th of Av, the day on which the Tent of Meeting was “established”: the 10th of Av.

This Tent of Meeting has been and will forever be the heart through which the One-who-Is has pulsed and will pulsate life (and light) to His chosen people.

I feel compelled to recall certain aspects and to go into details, details that can be missed on a superficial reading of what happened on Mount Sinai, the place where Moses (and Joshua) was invited by the «Love», the place where he stayed for forty days, with their evenings and mornings.

Just after the glorious moment of the pronouncement of the Covenant by the One-who-Is, amidst the thunder and lightning on Sinai, the «Love» called Moses to Himself saying the following words: “Come up to Me on the mountain and stay there. I will give you some tablets of stone with the Law, and [I will give you] the commandments which I have written for their teaching.”

At first glance, or at a cursory glance, it might seem that the Law and the commandments mentioned here are one and the same: the Ten Commandments... but at a closer look at what happened on the mountain we will see that there is a difference between the Law written on tablets of stone and the “commandments given for their teaching”; in other words, Moses, when came down from the mountain, came not only with the two tablets of stone written with the finger of the One-who-Is, but also with the commandments written for their teaching, commandments or law about which it was said: “He shall have it with him and read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the One-who-Is the «Love», to keep and do all the words of this law and all these commandments.” “Which one?” - we ask. “For they keep Your word and keep Your covenant. They teach Jacob Your rules [ceremonies], and Israel Your Law: they burn incense before You, and the burnt-offering upon Your altar.

The «Love» would not have needed “forty days and forty nights” to write on the tablets of stone the Ten Commandments. What happened on the mountain, and what the One-who-Is wrote before Moses was more than the Ten Commandments, and similar in importance. What was written there begins as follows, “Speak to the children of Israel to bring Me a gift [present]... to make Me a holy place, and I will dwell among them. You shall make the Tent [... and all that is related to it...] according to the image that I shall show you.” And the cascading commandment continues as follows, “You shall do...”, “you shall do”, “you shall do” ... until “You shall keep the Sabbath [...] this shall be between Me and the children of Israel an everlasting sign [...].” ... then He gave him the two tablets of stone with the words spoken by the One-who-Is “out of the midst of the fire on the day [of the Law] when all the people were gathered together.”

On the 9th of Av, Moses (and Joshua) came down from the mountain with the tablets of the Law in his hand, but also with the words of the Covenant written in the book of the everlasting Covenant... commandments concerning the «gift» (present), the Tent of Meeting.

Forty days and forty nights of waiting had passed. The people of the valley had grown weary in waiting for Moses, and in the meantime they had made for themselves a golden calf and an altar for sacrifices on the day of their feast, eating, drinking and dancing... corrupting themselves into a worship before an unknown god: the father of all lies and deceptions from the beginning, when Eve and Adam also corrupted themselves.

The «Love» would have destroyed them instantly... with fire would have consumed them... all of Israel, every last one of them, making from Moses the great nation promised to Abraham... apparently... because on that occasion something happened that many people lose sight of: Moses reminded the One-who-Is that the promise of the “great nation” had been given to Abraham, Isaac and Israel, and that the miracle of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, on the basis of that promise, was not in vain. Then and there, apparently, the One-who-Is was indulged by Moses, when in fact the «Love» had longed for a mediator. Thus, “the One-who-Is changed His mind about the evil He had said He would do to His people.”

Down from the mountain, Moses threw down the tablets of the law before the people, and he crushed them at the base of the mountain in front of the golden calf; he burned the calf in the fire, and made ashes of it, he sprinkled the ashes in the water, and gave it to the people to drink. The sweet wine and merriment had turned to mourning and bitter drink... but, much worse, on that occasion something was lost that even in ages was not recovered.

What did Israel lose on that occasion, besides the death of more than “nearly three thousand” of Abraham's sons and daughters? First, they lost the One-who-Is in His manifestations of God and got instead an “Angel”, the same One-who-Is, but hidden in the Tent of Meeting. He lost the priesthood of the firstborn of every tribe and got a priesthood of Levi. He missed the chance to enter the Promised Land at that time and ended up dead in the wilderness... there was mercy and justice mixed up… But the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Israel were about a people that mankind would see much later. Although Israel is the people who entered the Promised Land, Israel was not the «people» that «Love» had dreamed of from eternity, it was a “lesser” Israel in glory, as is the difference between a God and an angel; Israel was the people of a God hidden in the Tent of Meeting... That is why the miracle performed at the time of the coming out of Egypt has remained as a landmark of the glory and power of the One-who-Is throughout the ages. Although Israel could have been left with the saying: “The «Love» that brought you to the Promised Land”, for the miracles of entering Canaan would have been far greater than the fall of the walls of Jericho... instead, the saying has remained through the ages: “«Love» that brought you out of the land of Egypt.” ... but not forever!... oh, no!... but until an appointed time when it will no longer be said “As the One-who-Is lives, who brought up the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt”.

Coming back to what happened on the 9th of Av, the Scriptures bring forward the following fact: on the next day, the 10th of Av, Moses said to the people, “You have committed a very great sin. I will now go up to the One-who-Is, perhaps I will receive forgiveness for your sin.” And after a while, Moses returns with the verdict of the «Love»: “I will send an Angel before you”, “I will not come up among you, lest I destroy you”, “but for a moment if I come up among you, My presence will destroy you; but cast off your ornaments, and I will see what mercy I will show you.”

On that day, the 10th of Av, “Moses took his tent and pitched it outside the camp, at some distance, and called it the Tent of Meeting, which was outside the camp [...] when Moses entered the Tent, the pillar of cloud came down and stood at the door of the Tent, and the One-who-Is [the “Angel”] spoke to Moses [...] all the people got up and fell on their faces at the door of their tent. The One-who-Is [the “Angel”] spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.”

What does, or how can it be explained that Moses met with the One-who-Is and they spoke face to face even though at that time the Tent of Meeting had not yet been built and Moses was not a priest? How come Moses didn’t die, and how come Joshua could stand without fear in the Tent of Meeting... the Shechinah was manifesting, and they still weren’t dying. Why?

Perhaps one of the answers is found in the statement “I have mercy on whom I want to have mercy and I have pity on whom I want to have pity”; words that mirror in their echo the choice of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel... and yet, why did Moses and Joshua not die in the presence of the One-who-Is?

Perhaps the answer is found in the book of the Covenant, which was not torn up along with the tablets of the Law that were shattered. At the moment when Moses moved his tent out of the camp and put it away, Moses had the words of the Covenant with him, provisions that had in view the priesthood, that eternal priesthood that the One-who-Is had in view from the beginning, in the words, “You will be My chosen treasure among all peoples [...], you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests, a holy nation.” “Set apart to Me as holy every firstborn, every firstborn among the children of Israel [...], to consecrate [set apart] to the One-who-Is every firstborn.” … somehow Moses and Joshua stood before the One-who-Is on behalf of the firstborn... firstborn by choice or setting apart... for Moses was chosen in priority to Aaron, just as Jacob was chosen in detriment to Esau.

When on the 10th of Av (the day of Tent) Moses comes down from the One-who-Is, he comes down with something new, something that had not been stipulated before: the redemption of the firstborn. In choosing the tribe of Levi as priests, as a result of the idolatry into which Israel had fallen the day before, the One-who-Is found himself constrained to demand a redemption price for the firstborn of Israel, and this redemption of the firstborn was to last for ages until the priesthood should be restored to its original plan: a priesthood of the firstborn of all the tribes of Israel, a kingly priesthood, reflected in the choice of Abraham, Isaac and Israel... a hidden priesthood in the typology of «David»... in the typology of the «Messiah», the one “anointed and chosen one”... a «Moses»... something hidden in the words, “I will raise up a prophet like you from among their brethren, and I will put my words in his mouth, and tell them everything I command.”

Beginning with the 10th of Av, the God of Mount Sinai descended into the Tent of Meeting, appointing daily and annual ceremonial services, according to the “commandments given for their teaching”, as the words written in the book of the Covenant. Thus, the One-who-Is descended among Israel teaching them about salvation in the daily continual services, but also in the annual continual services that were depicted in the seven feasts appointed for worship: day by day (on the one hand), and year by year (on the other hand), throughout the ages.

Both the daily and annual ceremonies (the feasts) were and will eternally be an integral part of the Covenant between the One-who-Is and Abraham, Isaac, and Israel... these Covenant acts in their essence were to be messianic... pointing toward the forever deliverance of the chosen people from all forms of captivity, both spiritual and physical... both individually and as a nation. In essence, the ceremonies around the Tent of Meeting and all the prophecies given through the prophets said the same thing: the One-who-Is has chosen His people to be the firstborn of all the nations of the earth, the eternal heir of the World.

Although there is no Tent of Meeting today, the prophecies point to the day when once again all of Israel will be gathered around the ceremonies and feasts of the Covenant... although today there are many voices saying that this will never happen, which is – from the point of view of sacred ceremonies and from the point of view of all messianic prophecies – false... totally false!

What happened on the 10th of Av is a guarantee and a prophecy that the One-who-Is has not forgotten His promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel... the fact that «Love» hid Himself in the Tent of Meeting is a guarantee that God will manifest Himself again as at Sinai and on the occasion of the exodus from Egypt... these intentions of the One-who-Is are found in the essence of all messianic prophecies: “The days are coming, when it shall no more be said: as the One-who-Is lives, who brought forth the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt... but it shall be said: as the One-who-Is lives, who brought up the children of Israel out of the land of the north [Babylon], and out of all the countries whither he had driven them.

In the feasts of Israel, those ordained by the «Love», was hidden this redemption in the end of the age. Although it is generally believed that these feasts do not (any longer) have any prophetic significance in relation to Israel, history and reality show us that they are related especially – not to say “only!” – with Israel.

Firstly, these feasts were part of the Covenant between the One-who-Is with Israel; secondly, they are essentially messianic, meaning that they can only be fulfilled over the ages in correlation with the «Messiah»... and I will explain why in a moment.

First of all, it must be clarified what is meant in the Scriptures by “Messiah”. Firstly, this word has the connotation of “anointed” or “set apart”. In this sense Abraham was a “Messiah” by being chosen by the One-who-Is... Isaac was a “Messiah” ... Israel, both as Jacob and as a people, was a “Messiah”... in essence the words “Touch not My anointed ones.” are synonymous with “Israel is My son, My firstborn.” ... My chosen one among all the nations of the earth.

“Christians” see in Yeshua (HaMashiach) the fulfillment of the first feast: the Pesach (Passover), “the day on which the lamb was sacrificed for the redemption of the World”. They also see the following two feasts – the feast of unleavened bread and the feast of the first fruits – they see them fulfilled at the cross, in those days; and Shavuot (Pentecost) they see it fulfilled in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples.

I don’t want to focus on these feasts, fulfilled or not. Even their fulfillment is essentially messianic: a man chosen to die for the world, disciples chosen and brought face to face with the disappointment: “We were hoping that he was the one who would redeem Israel”; disciples chosen to receive that power to make them “witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Although the “Christians” see and understand that these feasts were fulfilled around Jerusalem with – essentially – some Jews, they hope that the next (“final” – they say) feasts will be fulfilled with them in a way in which the “messiah” is excluded, which from a scriptural point of view is impossible and false. Why? Because the commandments that were “given for their teaching” are rooted in the Covenant with the Jews... and can only be fulfilled in relationship with them.

“Christians” expect to be “secretly raptured” on one of these “final” feasts, but they do not understand that contrary to their interpretations – generally in relation to this “secret rapture” – the blessing of any of these feasts is about the Jews and can only be fulfilled in a messianic context.

There is a major misunderstanding about the feasts, and the key to the decipherment or clarification is found in the way the requirements regarding the keeping of the Sabbath were formulated. Regardless of people’s opinions, the One-who-Is’ chosen kept the Sabbath from sunset to sunset, and they learned this for forty years in the wilderness at breakfast (and dinner) when five days a week they received a one-day portion of manna, on the sixth day they received a double portion (for both that day and the Sabbath), and on the Sabbath they received nothing. This is the only principle by which the Sabbath is kept: from sunset on the sixth day until sunset on the Sabbath (seventh day), without any other “artifice” in the Sun, Moon, or stars. And because the “Christians” have strayed and wandered from keeping the Sabbath in this way, they have no idea how to interpret the Covenant feasts, because they were given on the same principle: evening-morning-evening.

The years and annual feasts are related to the two agricultural seasons and to the rains set aside for each of these seasons. Israel’s year begins in autumn with the early (“evening”) rain and ends in autumn (“evening”); the spring (“morning”) with its late rains was only a transition to autumn (“evening”) – the New Year (Rosh HaShanah).

At a superficial glance, it might seem that the spring feasts are of major importance, when in fact the opposite is true. The autumn feasts were the major feasts, and the spring feasts were more the landmark of all feasts. This is why the prophet cries saying: “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are still not delivered.”

It is important to understand this aspect of the “evening”, because it is linked to several major prophecies... unfulfilled until the appointed time... the “evening” between days, years, and ages.

When we look through the prism of “evening” at the 10th Av, the day of the Tent, a day hidden just as the One-who-Is hid Himself in the Tabernacle, we see what is not normally seen, that the day of 1st Tishrei is anchored in the 10th Av (day of the Tent) as Shavuot (Pentecost) is anchored in the Pesach (Passover). This aspect gives to the feast of the New Year (Rosh HaShanah) connotations of the Pesach (the first feast of spring) as well as making the feast of the New Year (Rosh HaShanah) a second Shavuot (Pentecost). Here is the key that opens the door to the true meaning of the 1st Tishrei, the New Year, Rosh HaShanah, the Day of Trumpets (shofars).

From the point of view of the eternal priesthood of the firstborn, Rosh HaShanah is and will be the most important holiday, a day called Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets); a day with the sound of war... a day of redemption, but also a day of vengeance... a «messianic» day – as Jews understand this word.

“Christians” expect the “rapture”, but it’s more than likely that things and events will surprise them. Those targeted for damnation may actually be blessed, and those targeted for glory may be put on the run... and not for the first time. The events surrounding Mordecai (the feast of Purim) were similar: a gallows had been prepared for the Jew, but instead he got the king's (white) horse and the king's (white) clothes.

Mankind has never understood what it means that the One-who-Is has chosen Israel... an Israel that have done much sin, but who has received from the hand of the One-who-Is twice as much as his due punishment. This is where mankind has fallen into the trap, and I am referring to the “Christians” in general... they laughed at who was not supposed to laugh... but Israel have done his punishment. “Give good news to Jerusalem and cry to her that her slavery is ended, for her iniquity has been atoned, for she has received from the hand of the One-who-Is twice as much as all her sins.” “Instead of your shame, you shall have a doubled honor; instead of humiliation, they shall rejoice on their part of the inheritance, for they shall rule doubly in their own land and have everlasting joy”... this is truly a messianic understanding of what the «Love» will do for Israel... “a year of mercy from the One-who-Is and a day of vengeance from our «Love»”, “a royal crown”, “an anointing of joy”, “a garment of praise”... a new purpose: servants to His glory... a holy priesthood... “but you shall be called priests of the One-who-Is, and shall be called servants of the «Love»; you shall eat the riches of the nations and in their glory you will shine.”

You may ask yourself: how is this possible?... simple: the One-who-Is set a trap for the nations, and the nations fell into it... How did this happen?... simple: “I set a trap for you, and you were caught, Babylon, without expecting it. You got caught, trapped, because you fought against the One-who-Is.”

A correct understanding of what Babylon means in relation to the chosen people we can only find three meanings, no more. First, by (a) Babylon is meant the nation that in ancient times on the 9th of Av was responsible for the destruction of the first Temple (Tent of Meeting) and taking Israel into physical captivity. Then, when we read (b) Babylon we see the golden image built by the king of Babylon, an image which according to the dream interpreted by Daniel represented four kingdoms that were to appear on the firmament of history until the end of the age, and the first of them was Babylon, the most significant of the kingdoms. Finally, when we read in the prophecy about (c) Babylon, we understand a “spiritual” kingdom which by its own teachings originating in Babylon made itself ruler over the whole earth... a kingdom opposed to the chosen people, a “Babylon” present over the whole earth, a place from which all the elects were to be gathered at the end of the age.

This Babylon spread its influence (and teachings) also over the other kingdoms that followed later, the last of them being Rome, that Rome which on the 9th of Av in the year 70 was to destroy once again the Temple (the Tent of Meeting), and which, even more, through one of the ten kings derived from it was to “change the times and the Law”... action which refers to a single operation of change in relation to the Law and the time or season of worship... a kingdom originating in Rome which was to change the day of rest from Sabbath to Sunday... a kingdom which became “Papal Rome”, “Christianity”... in a word, “Babylon”.

Strangely, this “Christianity” (“Rome”) not only changed the time for worship specified in the Law, but it also has assumed the Levitical attributes, distorting the “commandments given for their teaching” and making from the Church an idolatrous copy (“icon”) of the Tent of Meeting, thus taking full advantage of Rome’s destruction of the Temple... in this context the words of the prophet are even clearer: “I set a trap for you, and you were caught, Babylon, without expecting it. You got caught, trapped, because you fought against the One-who-Is.

“Rome”, the spiritual Babylon, is essentially a counter (anti!) invention to all that is spiritually authentic. For a while she tried to keep the Scriptures under lock and key, because the Scriptures were identifying her as being the Antichrist; was indeed and is anti-Messianic, anti-Semitic, anti-Sabbatical, anti-Levitical. So, in order to “exonerate” herself and to further appear to be the savior of the whole earth, a universal “authentic” spiritual institution, she invented all sorts of doctrines, and finally, in her bowl of lying abominations, she invented the doctrine of the “secret rapture”, which says that there will be seven years at the end, and while the Church will be raptured to God in Heaven, in Jerusalem will be installed exactly the “antichrist”... and to top it off, all of “Christianity” believes her... as they have swallowed other lizard babies... uncleanness, Serpent teachings, demons and lies... until one day... until the day when Babylon will fall: “And there shall no more be heard in you the sound of harps, nor songs of instruments, nor singers of whistles, nor singers of trumpets […] the light of the lamp shall no more shine in you, and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall no more be heard in you, because your merchants were the rulers of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your witchcraft, and because there was found the blood of the prophets and of the saints and of all the [good] that were slain in the earth.”

Returning to the 10th of Av, the day of the Tent of Meeting, and the day to which its «Pentecost» pointed, Yom Teruah (Rosh HaShanah), we could say that in this day is hidden the Day of Deliverance... a day similar to the exodus from Egypt, but on a much larger, universal scale. This is one of the reasons why by what the One-who-Is will do this time, He will make the exodus from Egypt to be eclipsed, because this time Egypt (“Babylon”) is the whole earth, a “Babylon” from which all those chosen of «Love» will be delivered and redeemed. In other words, Passover (Pesach), and Pentecost (Shavuot) will be reissued, and this time the one who will eat bitter herbs will be “Babylon” ... “Rome”.

“Christians” say that on Shavuot (Pentecost) was fulfilled the prophecy that says: “Suddenly, I will pour out My Spirit on the whole of the world; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your elders will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. Even upon my servants, both men and women, I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”, turning this Jewish feast into the founding day of Christianity. But they are missing something important. There are two aspects that “Christians” miss: (a) Peter put this prophecy in an eschatological context, saying “In the last days.” and (b) this prophecy was strictly about Israel and Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets): “Sound the trumpet in Zion”, “proclaim a fast”, “assemble a feast”, “gather the people”, “assemble a holy meeting”, “the bridegroom shall come out from his bedroom and the bride from the house of her bridal chamber”, “let the priests, the servants of the One-who-Is, weep between the Porch and the altar”... “and you will know that I am in the midst of Israel”, “and my people will never again be a shame”, “I will cause wonders to be seen in heaven and on earth”, “the sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood”, “then, whosoever shall call on the name of the One-who-Is shall be saved. For salvation will be on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, as the One-who-Is promised, and among the remnant who will be called [“chosen”] by the One-who-Is. For behold, in those days and at those times when I will bring back [from “Rome”] the captives of Judah and Jerusalem [the twelve tribes together], I will gather all the nations [...]. There I will judge with them for My people, for Israel, My inheritance, which they have scattered among the nations, dividing among them My land.

“Christians” are expecting the “rapture” from the great tribulation, in return they will receive a judgment... Yom Kippur... a year of vengeance of the One-who-Is... a fulfillment of all eschatological prophecies, which are essentially messianic... “At that time, the «branch» of the One-who-Is shall be full of majesty and glory, and the fruit of the land shall be full of brightness and beauty for the delivered of Israel. And whoever is remaining [one will be taken] in Son, whoever is left [another will be left] in Jerusalem, will be called «holy», whoever is written among the living in Jerusalem [...]. The One-who-Is will set over all the whole length of Mount Zion and over its gathering places a cloud of smoke by day and bright fires by night [His tabernacle; Sukkot].” “A «branch» shall come forth from the stem of Jesse [David], and a «shoot» shall spring from his roots. The Spirit of the One-who-Is shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and strength, the Spirit of knowledge and fear of the One-who-Is. His delight shall be the fear of the One-who-Is; he shall not judge according to his appearance, nor decide according to what he has heard, but shall judge the poor with righteousness, and shall decide with impartiality over the oppressed of the land; he shall shake the earth with the word of his mouth [(a) authority; prophet], and with the word of his lips he shall put an end to wickedness [(b) judgment; king]. Righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins [(c) sanctification; priest] and faithfulness the girdle of his middle [(a, b, c); «Messiah»].” “In the age to come, Jacob will take root, Israel will flourish and branch out and fill the world with its fruit.” “There shall be nothing but righteous men among your people; they shall possess the land forever as a branch planted by Me, the work of My hands, to serve to My glory. The least shall become a thousand, and the least a mighty nation.” “Behold, the days are coming when I will raise up to David a righteous «branch». He shall reign, he shall work with wisdom, and he shall execute justice and judgment in the land. In his days, Judah shall be delivered, and Israel shall have peace in his dwelling place; and this is the name they will give to the One-who-Is: our Righteousness [why?].”

When you truly understand eschatological prophecies, you cannot sneak into them a doctrine like the “rapture” ... because there’s no such thing anywhere. «Raptured» indeed will be the chosen ones of «Love» from “Babylon”, gathered and brought home to the land promised to their fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Israel... this is the only correct interpretation of the «rapture» that overlaps with the separation of wheat from tares, of sheep from goats, of good from evil, of wise virgins from unwise... “let them both grow together until the harvest; and at the time of harvest [end of the age; evening; autumn], I will say to the harvesters [the angels]: First pluck the tares, and bind them in bundles, that we may burn them; and my wheat gather them into my barn.” “I have also other sheep, which are not from this stable; and I must bring them too. They shall obey My voice, and they will be a flock and a «shepherd» [«David»].” “I will raise up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my servant David: he shall feed them, he shall be their shepherd.” “They shall be Mine; they shall be a special treasure to Me in the day that I prepare; I will have mercy on them as a man has mercy on his son who serves him.... and then you will see again the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves the One-who-Is and the one who does not.”

“In the last days [end of the age; evening], the mountain of the house of the One-who-Is shall be established as the highest mountain, and shall be exalted above the hills, and the peoples shall come flocking to it. The nations will flock to it and say: Come, let us go up to the mountain of the One-who-Is, to the House of Jacob’s «Love», that He may teach us His ways [the commandments given for their teaching] to walk in His paths.... For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and out of Jerusalem the word of the One-who-Is... He [the king] shall judge between many nations, he shall decide between the mighty nations that are far off. And they shall make their swords into plowshares, and their spears into sickles; no nation shall draw sword against another, neither shall they learn war anymore.”

I attempted to be as succinct as possible, I didn’t succeed... the truth is simple and doesn’t need a lot of explanation. The truth about the feasts and ceremonial acts correlated with the Tent of Meeting, seen through the lens of all the eschatological prophets is clear, unitary, and secure: Israel was and is forever the apple of the eye of the One-who-Is «Love», who chose him from the beginning. Although he has fallen and has had many slippages in relation to the Law and the commandments that he has received from the One-who-Is, and although not once he has been punished and seemingly abandoned, Israel will forever remain the chosen son. With him are fulfilled and will be fulfilled eternally the words of David, who says: The «Lord» is my Shepherd: I shall not want. He leads me into green pastures and leads me to resting waters; He refreshes my soul and guides me in right paths for His name’s sake. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou spread my table before mine enemies, Thou anoint my head with oil, and my cup is full of it. Yes, happiness and mercy will accompany me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of the One-who-Is until the end of my [eternal] days.”

Israel has always known that it’s a matter of days, years, or ages... and they waited... which will be considered «righteousness»... I repeat: one of the most common themes of the Scriptures is the waiting; a waiting related to seeking, but especially to the fulfillment of a certain time or promise... at the appointed time.

At the appointed time... in the evening... the One-who-Is will turn his face towards the people who not only once lost him, but... there is a “but”! ... the One-who-Is will return... and all the earth will see again Who is the «Love» but also the «Avenger» of the people He has chosen. “In the evening, the lord of the vineyard said to his «steward»: call the workers and give them their wages, from the last [second Pentecost?] to the first [...]. Likewise, the last shall be first, and the «first» shall be last [the ancient Israel]; for many are called, but few [Abraham, Isaac, and Israel] are chosen.”

“Behold, the voice of your watchmen sounds; they lift up their voice and all shout for joy, for they see with their eyes how the One-who-Is is returning to Zion. All of you shout for joy, o you ruins of Jerusalem! For the One-who-Is comforts His people and redeems Jerusalem. The One-who-Is reveals His holy arm before all nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our «Elohim».

“Blessed be the One-who-Is the «Love» of Israel, the only one who works miracles! Blessed be His eternally glorified name! Let all the earth be filled with His glory! Amen! Amen!”

The Day of the Law

The Day of the Law

The Day of the Law; the Day deliberately forgotten at Sinai

Indeed, the Day on which One-who-Is pronounced – amidst thunder and lightning, with the sound of a trumpet and with earthquake – the Law on Mount Sinai, before «the chosen people», that memorable Day has been forgotten in history. The One-who-Is did not intentionally command the commemoration of that magnificent Day by any celebration at the Temple... why? The answer is that the One-who-Is saved the commemoration of that Day for a special time at «the end of history», or special for «the time of the end»... why?

But before I begin to speak of that event – the Day of the Law – which took place in the third month after the exit from Egypt, and before I begin by pointing out the relation of that great event of the past to the vision which the angel Gabriel was sent from heaven to explain (Dan 9:24-27) to Daniel, pointing out that this vision has in view «distant times» or «the time of the end», I must make a few clarifications:

a) this vision has in view the «chosen people» situated on the firmament of history at «the end of the age», according to the intention of the One-who-Is that this vision be understood at «the time of the end»;

b) all attempts to interpret (understand) this vision until the «time of the end» are a failure... why? Because this vision was sealed until «the time of the end»; because this vision was left specifically to be deciphered by a prophet whom the One-who-Is has promised to send „before the day of the One-who-Is, that great and dreadful day”. This is why everyone has failed to interpret this vision... all the rabbis, all the priests and teachers, all the traducers... all of them! Only the Spirit-of-prophecy can bring light to the understanding of this prophecy. This vision has nothing to do with any „Christian” interpretation, for it has always been in the mind of the One-who-Is that this vision should bring to mind the final deliverance of the «chosen people», their bringing home from every corner of the earth; this vision has to do with the coming of «the promised deliverer», «the deliverer» promised in all the prophecies about the «messiah»: „the servant of the One-who-Is”, „the branch (rod)”, „the son of David”, „the ruler”... the „Christians” have forced the interpretation of the „messianic” prophecies, they have put capital letters for the „servant” of the One-who-Is, and they have forced an interpretation of this vision that takes Yeshua (HaMashiach) into account; they, on the principle that a day in prophecy sometimes represents a calendar year, started from the giving of the decree of Artaxerxes (457-456 BC), adding 69 weeks (483 years), reaching the last week, the one divided in two, bringing to mind that in AD 28 Yeshua (HaMashiach) began his ministry, that halfway through the week (AD 32) he was crucified and resurrected, and 3.5 years later (AD 35), through Paul’s mission, they say, the One-who-Is turned His attention exclusively to the Gentiles while the «chosen people» were cast off forever... which is grossly untrue;

c) this vision is rather an extension of what is meant by „that day”, a day of vengeance or a year of redemption for the «chosen people»... this prophecy is in harmony with all eschatological prophecies which emphasize the latter-day prophesying of «the holy and chosen people» as a culmination of the eternal desire of the One-who-Is to manifest Himself gloriously through His «chosen people». The whole book of Daniel is built on this structure of «the stone» that strikes as a vengeance of the One-who-Is in all the kingdoms that have oppressed «His people», beginning with Babylon and ending with Rome, a Rome present today in a political-religious system, a system that has manipulated throughout the ages the Scriptures and has been in a continuous struggle with the «pure truth» and «the chosen people». This vision speaks of «the last 490 days» of present history, this vision speaks of about 490 days of the blessing of the One-who-Is upon «His people» as an outpouring of love, of expectation, of a desire to embrace His prodigal son, but a son welcomed home with all love. „They will be Mine – says the One-who-Is – they will be a special treasure to Me on the day I prepare; I will have mercy on them as a man has mercy on his son who serves him. And then you will see again the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves God and the one who does not serve Him.” „For I am the One-who-Is, I do not change; therefore, you «children of Jacob» have not been destroyed.”

19 Sivan – the Day of the Law – «a day hidden» at the foot of the Mount Sinai

We have no problem identifying the day when the «chosen people» came out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. And the ease of identifying that day lies not in the brightness of the moon in the sky, but in the fact that the One-who-Is took care to ensure that that day would remain in the memory of all generations to come, establishing a feast for this purpose, a kind of pillar of remembrance on the foreheads and hands of «His children» delivered from bondage; it is the essence of the Passover feast, when the lamb was slaughtered and eaten in haste on the night of the day when the «holy people» left bondage.

It is not so easy for us to identify exactly the Day when the One-who-Is manifested Himself in all His glory on Mount Sinai, amid thunder and lightning, with the angel’s trumpet and the earthquake. Why has the One-who-Is neglected to keep in memory the Day when He made Himself known as the One-who-Is the only God, the One who brought His son Israel out of the land of Egypt? We have no reason to believe that that Day was not an important day; on the contrary, there is no Day in the history of «the chosen people» more important than the Day on which God pronounced His covenant with «His people», saying: „I-Am the One-who-Is your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you here to Me. Now if you will obey My voice and keep My covenant, you shall be Mine among all peoples, for all the earth is Mine; you shall be to Me «a kingdom of priests» and «a holy nation».”

The One-who-Is has deliberately omitted to keep in memory this very special Day: the Day of the Covenant. The One-who-Is has preserved for His end-time elect the celebration of this Day, because of all the generations throughout all time since Abraham, this generation was to be – in His plan – the most special. Why? Because it is the «end-time generation» and «the generation of the redeemer». In fact, this generation is the generation that the One-who-Is had in mind from the beginning, from the day He chose Abraham, it is the generation that will fulfill all of God’s original purpose; it is the generation of the truly «firstborn» – sons and daughters – chosen and formed especially for His glory, a generation of kings and queens; after all, this is one of the important themes of the message from Heaven through Daniel: „But the saints of the Most High shall receive the Kingdom and rule the Kingdom forever and ever, from everlasting to everlasting.” Thus, it will be shown that this Day of the Covenant is both connected with the coming of the «deliverer» and with the putting of Israel back in its proper place: «the firstborn» among all the nations of the earth.

There is speculation about the place of this Day in the calendar. People, more or less special, have placed this Day according to their reckoning in the calendar. Moses did not place it where some people say, and on this subject „oral tradition” has nothing to do with the Spirit-of-prophecy. Not Moses, nor any other prophet, has so far marked the place of this Day in the calendar, to be clear! On the other hand, the Scriptures are elephant clear on this subject... you just have to see it through the eyes of the One-who-Is!

In connection with this Day, the Scriptures say through Moses that the moment of the glorious manifestation on Mount Sinai of the One-who-Is took place in the third month after the exit from Egypt. Most translators (teachers) forcibly place the time of the arrival of «the chosen people» at Mount Sinai on the first day of the third month, although the message conveyed through Moses was different, and the intention of the One-who-Is was marked by the words „on that day” („yom” + „zeh”; Exo 19:1)... the Revelator’s intention was to communicate that exactly three months after leaving Egypt, exactly on the fourteenth day of the third month, the people of Israel reached Mount Sinai... further, Moses relates that on three occasions he went up the Mount (Exo 19:3; 19:9; 19:10) to the One-who-Is, these three occasions being reflected in three consecutive days: the 15th of the third month, the 16th of the third month, and the 17th of the third month. On this seventeenth day, the One-who-Is addressed to Moses and commanded to the «chosen people» as follows (Exodus 19:10-11): „Go to the people, sanctify them today and tomorrow, and have them wash their clothes. Let them be ready for the third day, for on the third day [19th of the third month] the One-who-Is will come down before all the people on Mount Sinai.” Coincidentally or not, that Day (19 Sivan) was a Sabbath day, a day in which from the first hour the people of Israel were at the foot of the Mount, a day in which no manna fell, for on that Day the One who came down from Heaven was the One-who-Is the Bread-of-life.

It is noteworthy that two months after leaving Egypt, on the fifteenth day of the second month, not the first day, the «chosen people» met for the first time with manna, the food from heaven, and from that mid of month and full moon, the «people of Israel» learned to keep the Sabbath. For that time, the people who had come out of bondage (without sophisticated knowledge of astronomy) found it much easier to keep count of the new moons by referring to the full moon, from which full moon they counted fifteen days to determine the next month; the One-who-Is thus lowering Himself to the level of His little ones’ comprehension. On the other hand, by choosing the fifteenth day as the moment of the beginning of the experience of making Himself known to «His people» through the miracle of the manna, the One-who-Is wanted to give us a model so that we would not be confused about the day on which the «chosen people» arrived at Mount Sinai. Let us not forget that the One who determined the speed of His people’s advance to Mount Sinai was the One-who-Is, because the people moved in the rhythm and steps of the pillar of fire by night and the pillar of cloud by day... in other words, the One-who-Is led His people in such a way that they would receive the Law and the covenant on a Sabbath day, on the nineteenth day of the third month (19 Sivan), the most special and important Day for the «chosen people», the Day of the Law and the covenant!... a covenant broken and lost a few days later... regrettably, exactly 49 days later, on 9 Av.

On the next day – after the Day of the Law –, on the evening of the day that was beginning, the 20th of Sivan, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu went up with Moses to the One-who-Is, and were joined by seventy elders of Israel to worship the One-who-Is from afar. On that occasion, Moses went down to the people and spoke all the words of the covenant, to which the people responded with an oath: „We will do all that the One-who-is has said”... then early in the morning Moses built an altar at the foot of the Mount and „set up twelve stones for the twelve tribes of Israel.” And «the firstborn» of each tribe of Israel brought burnt-offerings and peace offerings to the One-who-Is, and the altar was sprinkled with the blood of the bulls, and the words of the covenant were read before all the people, and all the people swore, „We will do and obey all that the Lord has said,” and Moses sealed the covenant – sprinkling the blood of the sacrifice on the people – with the words: „This is the blood of the covenant which the Lord has made with you by all these words.”

On the 21st day of Sivan Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and the seventy elders, went up again to the Mount, they saw the Lord, eating and drinking before him. The next day, 22 Sivan, the One-who-Is called Moses to Him to give him the two tablets of stone with the Law of the covenant, and „the commandments written for their teaching.” Moses went up the Mount with Joshua, the cloud covered the Mount, and Moses waited six days. On the seventh day, the 28th of Sivan, the One-who-Is called Moses to Him. „Moses went into the midst of the cloud and went up on the Mount. Moses remained on the Mount for forty days and forty nights.”... 28 Sivan + 40 days = 9 Av.

When the „forty days and forty nights” ended, it was the morning of the 9th of Av, a Sabbath day. Moses and Joshua came down from the Mount of the One-who-Is with the tablets of the covenant, and with the commandments (Exo 25:1 >> 31:17) written on the papyrus by the One-who-Is, commandments which stipulated all the sacramental elements by which the One-who-Is intended to teach «His people» the principles underlying true worship and implicitly the principles of salvation: the laws and requirements concerning the ceremonies of the Tabernacle. Coming down from the Mount, the two messengers of the One-who-Is heard a great noise among the people at the foot of the Mount. Not the song of victory and of the covenant was heard, on the contrary, there was dancing and rejoicing in an unprecedented drift into idolatry; the people in the meantime had made for themselves a golden calf before which they laid in dance and rejoicing all their gratitude for their deliverance from Egypt... it was an apparent deliverance, because Egypt – and its idols – was still within them. What an evil day, and what a Sabbath?! The day that should have been a sealing of blessing and covenant – expressed in the harshness of the tablets on which the Law was written – was instead one of the darkest days in all the history of «the chosen people», a day in which Moses’ breaking of the tablets of the Law also portrayed a suspension of some of the covenant clauses of the One-who-Is. The original intention of the One-who-Is that from «the firstborn» of the twelve tribes a special sowing of priests should be made, has been for ages – until now – suspended. For the first time in the history of «the chosen people» the 9th of Av was a day of bitterness, especially in the heart of the One-who-Is.

The One-who-Is on that very day of the 9th of Av apparently implied that He wanted to destroy all the people; in reality He relied on the mercy of Moses and in a certain sense the One-who-Is begged Moses’ intercession for «His people». Although at first glance one might think that the One-who-Is might have abandoned Himself by refusing to go on to lead «His people», in reality He led «His people» on to the Promised Land.

The catastrophic incident of the fall into idolatry at the foot of Mount Sinai is not the only occasion when «the chosen people» encountered the manifestation of the disappointment of the One-who-Is on the day of the 9th of Av... oh no! This people has encountered this day twice more later. One would say it is a cursed day, but it has nothing to do with its place in the calendar. It was not the day that was cursed, but the wanderings of this people after foreign gods... but, most likely, the One-who-Is has chosen this day, the 9th of Av, repeatedly to express His disapproval of the wanderings of «His chosen people» in ways foreign to the truth.

After «the chosen people» arrived in the Promised Land, after they had set up a king and later built a Temple, where all the ceremonies of the Tabernacle were set in motion, after the death of David and Solomon, the chosen people drifted unchecked back into idolatry. In fact, Israel’s entire history from the time of their settlement in the Promised Land was a continual dance between true worship and idol worship of the surrounding peoples, as if the one true God was never enough for this hungry and continually thirsty people after idols. All the actions of the One-who-Is to bring «His people» to the way of truth, actions carried out through His sent prophets, have been to no avail; the people have behaved for most of their history like chickens which, instead of seeking the protection of their brood, have always fled into the mouth of the serpent. Of course, these actions of the people have always been encouraged by the „leaders” of the people at the time: idolatrous kings, false prophets and teachers of the Scriptures whose interest was not truth or true worship... so «the chosen people» found themselves with a new manifestation of the disapproval of the One-who-Is, similar to the one on the 9th of Av when they were at the foot of Mount Sinai, but this time the Temple itself, on the 9th of Av, was destroyed by Babylon which was to take «the chosen people» into captivity for seventy years... once again the One-who-Is suspended His covenant, lifting up His protective wings, and leaving His people in the curse of visible and less visible sorcerers, whose worship they had borrowed... but at what cost!

Returning from the captivity of seventy years, back from Babylon, the people of the One-who-Is, with difficulty built the second Temple, a Temple that reflected little of the brilliance of the Temple built by Solomon; it was a picture of the state of affairs between «the chosen people» and the God who brought them out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. The diluted brilliance of the Second Temple also pointed to a covenant stripped of all the brilliance of the original intentions of the One-who-Is. We would be naïve to think that the people who came out of Babylonian captivity did not come with tattoos in their hearts of false worship from the place where they had lain for seventy years. Although since that time – of returning home – the people have been very careful not to slip into idolatry, they have slipped into something else, just as bad, if not worse than before... because idols can take many forms, idols can also take the form of words or teachings totally opposed to the truth of the Scriptures.

The people built synagogues, schools where they learned about the One-who-Is and worship. They began to defend teachings issued by „special” men („teachers” of renown); they translated the Scriptures into Greek... but the teachings were a mixture of pure truth that came through Moses and the prophets, but also added teachings crocheted in Babylon, some with Ishmaelite and Babylonian colors, and others, later, with Hellenistic and Roman colors.

If I were to ask the teachers of the «chosen people» today what is the reason why the One-who-Is once again showed His disapproval of «His people» in AD 70, by the destruction of the Second Temple by Rome on the very 9th of Av, no one(!) could identify the reason: idolatry! Why is it hard to identify it? Because at that time Israel’s idolatry was in a different form than that present at the destruction of the first Temple... and worse, this form of idolatry is still present today!

If «the chosen people», during their captivity in Babylon, had an identification of sin – idolatry! – and had a basis for repentance – „because of our sins and because of the iniquities of our fathers Jerusalem and Your people are a reproach to all those around us” –, on the occasion of the destruction of the second Temple, «the chosen people» could not identify their sin, did not know what guilt to confess, which is why the mercy of the One-who-Is was not manifested for seventy years, but for ages or centuries... the proof: the «redeemer» has not come; Israel is still scattered among the Gentiles; today there is no Temple, not even the Tabernacle... that is, the «messianic prophecies» are still unfulfilled.

The question legitimately arises: how do we know that the blame – as always – lies with the spiritual leaders (or not) of «the holy people»? How do we know that there is anything rotten, idolatrous, deadly, or unclean in the teachings of the spiritual leaders of «the chosen people»? First of all, for thousands of years they have not been able to identify the connection between the 19 Sivan with the 9 Av... nor the correlation of these dates with the coming of «the deliverer»... then, more importantly, the Scriptures prophetically say that at the coming of «the redeemer», the One-who-Is has a life and death issue with the spiritual leaders of «His people», which is why He says – promise! – that He will set over His people «one shepherd» and «one king», «the son of David», «His servant», «His branch (rod)»... «the promised deliverer» at the end of history!

I quote some prophecies:

„For thus speaks the God, the One-who-Is: Behold, I Myself will care for My sheep and will search them out! As a shepherd searches his flock when he is among his scattered sheep, so will I search My sheep and gather them from all the places where they have been scattered in the day of clouds and darkness [for the Gentiles]. And I will bring them out from among the peoples, and gather them out of the countries, and bring them back to their own land; and I will feed them on the mountains of Israel, and along the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the land. [...] And you, My sheep... thus says the One-who-Is God: Behold, I will judge between sheep and sheep, between rams and goats: is it too little for you to graze in the good pasture, that ye tread down the other side of your pasture? That you drink the one clear water, that you also trouble the other with your feet? And My sheep must then graze what you have trodden with your feet, and drink what you have troubled with your feet! [...] And I will set «one shepherd» over them, and he shall feed them, even «My servant David»; and he shall feed them, and be their shepherd. I, the One-who-Is, I will be their God, and «My servant David» will be «their ruler». I, the One-who-Is, I have spoken! I will make a covenant of peace with them [...] They shall no more be a spoil among the nations, neither shall the beasts of the land eat them, but they shall dwell in peace, and none shall trouble them. I will plant them a seedling whose fame shall be gone; they shall no more be devoured by famine in the land, nor bear the reproach of the nations.” Eze 31:11-31

„And tell them: Thus says the One-who-Is God: Behold, I will take the «children of Israel» from among the nations to whom they have gone, and will gather them from all sides, and bring them back to their own land. And I will make of them one nation in the land, in the mountains of Israel; and they shall all have «one king», and there shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms. Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, with their abominations, and with all their transgressions. I will bring them out of all their transgressions, and I will cleanse them; they shall be «My people», and I will be their God. «My servant David» shall be «king over them», and they shall all have «one shepherd». They will follow my commandments, keep my laws, and do them. They shall dwell again in the land which I gave to my servant Jacob, and which your fathers also dwelt in. Yes, they and their children and their children’s children shall dwell in it forever, and «My servant David» shall be «their prince» forever. And I will make a covenant of peace with them, and it shall be an everlasting covenant with them; and I will plant them, and multiply them, and put My Holy Place among them forever. My dwelling place will be among them; I will be their God and they will be «My people». And the nations will know that I-Am the One-who-Is, who sanctifies Israel, when My Holy Place is in their midst forever.” Eze 37:21-28

„Take heed, O Shepherd of Israel, You who lead Joseph like a flock! Show Thyself in Thy brightness, Thou who sitting upon cherubim! Awaken Thy power before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh, and come to our help! Lift us up, O God, make Your face to shine, and we shall be delivered! God of hosts, turn again! Look down from heaven and see! Search this vine! Protect that which Thy right hand hath sown and «Thy chosen son»! [...] Let Thy hand be upon «the man of Thy right hand», upon «the son of the man whom Thou hast chosen». And then we shall not depart from Thee. Make us strong again, and we will call upon Your Name! O, the One-who-Are, God of hosts, raise us up again! Make Thy face to shine, and we shall be delivered!” Ps 80:1-3,14-19

„And I Myself will gather «the remnant of My sheep» out of all the countries where I have driven them; I will bring them back to their pasture, and they shall grow and multiply. [...] „Behold, the days are coming – says the One-who-Is – when I will raise up to David «a righteous branch [rod]». He shall reign, he shall work with wisdom, and he shall execute justice and judgment in the land. In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall have peace in his dwelling place; and this is the name they shall give to the One-who-Is: Our righteousness! Therefore, behold, the days are coming, says the One-who-Is, when it shall no longer be said: The living is the One-who-Is, who brought forth the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt... But it shall be said: The living the One-who-Is, who brought forth and brought back the seed of the house of Israel out of the land of the north, and out of all the countries in which they were scattered... And they shall dwell in their own land.” Jer 23:3-8

„I’ll gather you up entirely, Jacob! I will gather the remnant of Israel, I will gather them like sheep in a fold, like a flock [and «a shepherd»] in its pasture, so that there shall be a great tumult of people. He who makes a breach [against ‘Babylon’] shall go up before them; they shall make a breach, and go through the gate, and come out through it; «their king» shall go before them, and the One-who-Is shall be at their head.” Mic 2:12-13

„Come, and I will tell you what «this people» will do to your people in the times to come [the end times; in that day]. I see «him», but not now; I behold «him», but not near. «A star» rises out of Jacob, «a rod» of leadership rises out of Israel. He pierces the sides of Moab and destroys all the children of Seth. He makes himself ruler over Edom, he makes himself ruler over Seir, his enemies. Israel does great works. «He who is born of Jacob» reigns as ruler and loses those who escape from the cities. Alas! Who [of the wicked] will be able to live when God does this?” Num 24:14,17-19,23

„Behold, I will send «My servant»; he shall prepare the way before Me. And suddenly «the prince» whom you seek will come in his place; «the covenant servant», whom you desire, behold, he is coming – says the One-who-Is. But who will be able to face the day of his coming? Who will be left standing when he appears?” Mal 3:1-2

„Behold, I will bring «My servant», «the branch». For behold, only to this stone [the Law] which I have set before Joshua [«priest», being «the firstborn»; typology for «Zadok», «the branch»] are seven eyes [the Spirit-of-prophecy] turned; behold, I Myself will engrave [I have engraved] what must be engraved on it – says the One-who-is – and in one day I will remove the iniquity of this land. In that day – says the One-who-Is – you will invite one another under the vine and under the fig tree.” Zec 3:8-10

Red more on Argument, The Letters of Salem, Elias Even

Contrary to many misconceptions, the most important year in history, when the Lamb of «Love» – through His death on “an altar” on the outskirts of Jerusalem – was sacrificed, is AD 32.

The Scriptures and the testimony of history point to AD 32 as the YEAR OF THE SACRIFICE!... not AD 31, not AD 33... no other year!

How do we know that?

a) Daniel's prophecy of the seventy weeks:

The Artaxerxes’ decree for the rebuilding of the Jerusalem, 456 BC (3521 yF / 503 sF).

456 BC + 69 w | 456 BC + 483 y = AD 28 # the beginning of Yeshua 3.5-year mission

3521 yF (503 sF) + 483 y (69 w) = 4004 yF (572 sF) # AD 28

456 BC + 70 w | 456 BC + 490 y = AD 35 # the beginning of the mission to the Gentiles; Paul.

3521 yF (503 sF) + 490 y (70 w) = 4011 yF (573 sF) # AD 35

AD 28 + 3.5 y = AD 32 | AD 35 - 3.5 y = AD 32


yF = years since the Fall

sF = sabbatical years since the Fall

b) The birth of Yeshua (HaMashiach)

The time of His conception in Mary’s womb was 10 Nissan 3997 yC (571 sC) / 4 BC.

The birth took place at the beginning of the following year, 3998 yC / 3 BC.

The birth took place in 3974 yF / 3 BC.

When Yeshua (HaMashiach) began His mission, He was “about thirty years old” (30 y).

3 BC + 30 y = AD 28.

4028 yC - 3998 yC = 30 y

4004 yF (572 sF) - 3974 yF = 30 y


yC = years since Adam’s “birth” / Creation

sC = sabbatical years since Adam’s “birth” / Creation

c) The “fifteenth” year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus

The time when John the Baptist began his ministry was “the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar”. Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus died on 19 August AD 14, passing the throne to Tiberius Caesar.

AD 14 (first year) + 14 y (15 - 1) = AD 28 # the year Yeshua (HaMashiach) began His ministry, and 3.5 years later, on 14 Nissan AD 32 He was crucified.

d) AD 32 is the only year in which the Lamb of «Love», that “was slain from the foundation of the world”, could die.

AD 32 / 4032 yC is the only sabbatical year (576 sC) since the “birth of Adam” in which the Lamb of «Love» could be sacrificed.

AD 32 (the year of sacrifice) and 4 BC (the year of conception) are the only sabbatical years that are correlated with Creation, all the other dates to which prophecy points are correlated with the year of the fall into sin, being its sabbatical periods:

AD 28 (4004 yF), AD 35 (4011 yF), AD 70 (4046 yF), AD 2023 (5999 yF).

To the 144 thousand... Shalom!

To the 144 thousand... Shalom!

My sweet princess, Bea... it was 5:12 when I looked at the watch...  I had just woken up from a dream where there was a round table of two people eating together in the back of a pickup van... we were us... the van was in the middle of an intersection, and around it were people gathered especially for this event... in all the streets there were many people, like a kind of demonstration, gathered... they had come to that event... the eating together of the two... me and you... and everyone was clapping continuously... even a subtitle appeared... as if the whole thing was a successful, award-winning film... with happy ending... on the subtitle was written: “at the request... adaptation and modernization”.

In the dream, appeared the reason for the delay too... why the change of the story was delayed so much... had been the scene before we'd actually had to eat together... we had proposed to eat at a restaurant... that was our agreement... but there were some events that impeded us... that's how it happened that we met at that intersection... and because there wasn't time, our table was placed in that pickup van... Father invited us... Father set the table for us... and Father had also surprised us by inviting a large crowd of people to that intersection... a sort of “all roads lead to Rome”... this time all the people from all directions had come at Father's invitation and surprise for us... they had come to our table on the van... well, the platform on the back... there was nothing else in the van... all the shutters of it were down... it was just the table, and you and me at the table together... seemed like a first date table of the two... something desired by everyone... an engagement... something desired by Father.

Before this scene, I had seen these two... me and you... as in a movie... the two lived in mirror apartments... and both seemed to be doing the same things at the same time... a sort of synchronization... she in her apartment... him in his apartment... and each did everything with the other in mind... I was looking from above, as a spectator, the scene... I was looking at both apartments at the same time... that's how the two at one point left to meet... for each in his apartment looked at the other... and they both decided to meet... that's how they got to the table in the pickup van... and everyone was cheering... as if everything had been directed like in a movie made by Father.

But between the time everyone left their apartment... from the middle of a party... there was a party in both apartments... I saw the reason for the delay... I had seen in my dream that Father was having trouble recovering a few of the 144 thousand... that He was fighting with an enemy for them... and that He needed support or assistance in prayer... I had seen that on the donation page, I had written a kind of prayer for the 144 thousand... that it was the only prayer (intercession of priest and emperor) I had to make... because in that prayer was everything... I was also... you were also... was the rest of our loved ones... was the rest of the 144 thousand.

I had started arranging and structuring the prayer, posting (this one) about the 144 thousand... and then we saw ourselves in a crowd... as taken by the wave... we weren't together yet... but we were in the plan to go to that restaurant... so we got caught up in the crowd and ended up at the intersection where Father was... He showed us the table set up on a kind of platform on top of everything.... was the pickup van... was the right time... we sat down to eat at the table... and people have come from all directions... there were many in the streets in all directions, for there was no more place at that intersection... they all started to applaud us... and the first One who started it was Father.

I wanted to make this article longer, to garnish it with three more dreams, but I realize that there is no point in overloading this post with information. I just want to remind you that when I refer to the “change of story” that has apparently been delayed, I am referring to the event that must take place on earth, a kind of “resurrection” of the 144 thousand from a very deep sleep, like the one Adam was in, before Eve was modeled – all the splendor of Paradise.

This event was prophesied by all the prophets, but the most colorful in the love of «Love» for His sons and daughters was drawn by the prophet Joel: “For I will pour out My Spirit upon every creature; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your elders shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. I will pour out My Spirit even upon servants and handmaids in those days.” The visionary on the island of Patmos also refers to this event, drawing in his own way the event: “And I heard the number of them that were sealed, 144 thousand of all the tribes of Israel.”

I should mention that this event is totally different from what happened at Pentecost. If the period of the seven Churches began then, this time the period of Israel will begin again, through which once more the «One-who-Is» will manifest Himself, but this time more gloriously than “Christianity” has been able to do throughout the ages.... yes, for as it is written in all the prophets, the «Love» of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel will return to His chosen people to show His glory once again... definitively, for after this event we will see the Paradise again.

Because I don't want to be long, I'll just mention two prophecies: “For I am the Lord, and I change not: therefore, ye children of Jacob are not destroyed.... They shall be Mine... They will be a special treasure to Me in the day that I prepare; I will have mercy on them as a man has mercy on his son who serves him. And then you will see again the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves God and the one who does not serve Him.” “For the flesh also waits with eager longing for the revelation of the sons of God... but with the hope that it too will be delivered from the bondage of wickedness, that it may share in the glory of the children of God.”

As I told you, according to a revelation from Heaven, today I know that a great event took place in Heaven: God who manifested Himself as the Lampstand in the midst of the seven Churches, stripped Himself of the garments of Mediator, and put on the garments of Redeemer and Avenger (Judge), and the Lampstand became the Lamb slain in the midst of the twenty-four elders who now recognize Him as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of «David»... so it is that the Lion of the tribe of Judah and the Root of «David» unseals the book of judgment and raises from the dead not only four horses with their riders, but also 144 thousand soldiers... with the mission of conquering the whole earth, so that “the earth may be filled with the knowledge of the «One-who-Is», as the bottom of the sea with the waters that cover it.”... something that has never happened until now, for Daniel had written: “But in the days of these kings, the God of Heaven will raise up a kingdom that will never be destroyed.”... first «Salem» (Peace) in Jerusalem, then Paradise on the whole earth!

“I was looking at these things until some thrones (twenty-four) were seated. And (in the midst of four living creatures) an Ancient of days sat down. His robe was white as snow, and the hair of His head was like pure wool (the Lamb!); His throne (the Lion of the tribe of Judah) was like flames of fire, and His wheels like a flaming fire. A river of fire flowed out before Him. Thousands of thousands of servants served Him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The judgment (of the Gentiles) was held, and the books were opened (unsealed)... and behold, in the clouds of Heaven (from the «East») came (was sent) one like a «son» of Man (ancient of days); went forth to the Ancient of days (the Root of «David») and was brought before Him. To him («David») was given dominion and glory and kingly power, that all peoples and nations and people of all languages might serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion and will never pass away and his kingdom will never be destroyed.” because “The saints of the Most High shall receive the kingdom and rule the kingdom forever and ever, from everlasting to everlasting.”... yes, “He («David» in the midst of the 144 thousand) will rule from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth... Yes, all kings will worship him, all nations will serve him… His name shall endure forever, as long as the sun holds his name. With him shall they bless one another, and all nations shall call him blessed.”

I'm going back to the dream... for Father (the Lion of His people, and my Root) has asked me for a prayer:

Father, King of all nations and Lord over Your people, You, the «One-who-Are» the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and You, the «One-who-Are» the Root of «David», please give victory to Your chosen ones and show Your glory in the world, so that all the earth may know that You are the Only true God and that there is no Savior but You... with this truth fill the whole earth as the bottom of the sea is filled with the waters that cover it; to Your glory! Thank you! Amen!

The Love's dream

The Love's dream

I love you Rose, my love! I miss you so very-very much, I love you with all my being, with every pixel of everything I am!

I feel you sweet, pink, okay... endless beautiful... and even though I've told you a thousand and one times, I promise you... I feel, I think, I know... we have only a few more steps to walk like this.

Although we seemingly had nothing together last year, in reality we walked the path set before us by Love... a path with much love, happiness and fulfillment.... though I appreciated every step of loving you, I couldn't taste every day that we were happy... I think you tasted happiness much more intensely... I was a bit of a boulder... well, until May I was focused on the book... but I could have been happier... I had all the reasons... the fact that you weren't by my side impeded me.

Now I know that only a few blinks separate our lips from each other, to mingle in their dance... now I know that I've done all that's up to me in relation to the stars, there's not much more I can do... a bit of promo... but without the stars, without a spectacular result! Because I know what the result must be... it must be a worldwide one, or this thing really doesn't depend on me... I can't... I'm too small on the world map... I depend on the stars and their glitter... but what Love from eternity has seen will come to fulfillment... it's the stars' interest more than mine.

I feel the need to put a little dream of stars:

«Tremble before Him, all you inhabitants of the earth! For the world is strengthened and does not waver. Let the heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad. Let it be said among the nations that the Lord reigns!» «Shout for joy to God, all you inhabitants of the earth! Sing praise to His Name, sing praise to His Name, magnify His glory with your praises! Say to God: “How fearful are Your works! Because of the greatness of Your power, Your enemies flatter You. All the earth worships before you and sings to Your praise, sings Your Name.”» (David)

«Blessed be His glorious Name forevermore! Let all the earth be filled with His glory! Amen! Amen!» (Solomon)

«Shout to the Lord with shouts of joy, all you inhabitants of the earth! Shout, shout and sing praises!» «All the kings of the earth will praise you, O Lord, when they hear the words of Your mouth; they will praise the ways of the Lord, for great is the glory of the Lord.» (David)

«Then a «branch» will come forth from the stem of Jesse (David's father) and a «shoot» will grow from his roots. The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and strength, the Spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord... There shall be no evil and no harm done in all My holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the bottom of the sea is full of the waters that cover it. In that day the «branch of Jesse» shall be as a banner to the peoples; the nations shall return to him, and glory shall be his dwelling place.» (Isaiah)

Sorry... the idea is this... never in history have these dreams of Love come true... and now they are unfulfilled more than ever: 2.5 billion are “Christians”, 2 billion are “Muslims”, 1 billion are Buddhists, 1.5 billion are Hindus... the numbers are not accurate... Europe is increasingly “Muslim”... “Christianity” is more diluted and powerless than ever... today «all the earth» in true worship is not a reality... and it wasn't in Yeshua's time either, Judea at that time was under Roman and pagan occupation... the earth from Eden was never again «full of the knowledge of the Lord as the bottom of the sea is of the waters that cover it»... when you watch YouTube on “Christian” channels you'll worry when you'll see the aberrations they say about the “Love”... and the same goes for everyone else: “Jews”, “Muslims”, Buddhists, Hindus and whatever... David's dream never came true... but it will come true NOW... I saw in the dream of the ocean the success of the book... big waves, and deep seas... and the beach was full of people, as far as I could see... all over it... the prophecy will be fulfilled: «All the earth worships before You and sings to You, sings Your Name.»

Daniel said: «But in the days of these kings, the Love of Heaven will raise up a kingdom that will never be destroyed and that will not pass under the dominion of another people.»... these things the Love will do NOW for us... you will see!

Please forgive me for filling the message with quotes, I wanted to remind us that we have serious promises from the stars... it's a matter of days before you'll be in my arms... I love you dearly!... and we'll be forever good... infinitely... I know what I'm saying!

I miss you with an eternal longing, as the Love longs for all his children to come to his bosom and embrace them all like a Mother... perhaps we have gone through our grey story with so much separation from each other in love, precisely so that we may understand something of Love's longing for the daughters and sons he desires... as I desire you at my breast... as you desire me at yours... perhaps this is how the Love wanted to weave his longing into three... he included us in his eternal longing... perhaps that's how we could be formed as king and queen... by loving «purim» (that love in which the face is not seen) like the Love... and through the pain of our separation to understand something of the pain of Love separated from his children... that's how the book was born, from longing and love... to bring all together in Love... beyond all imagination I love you!

I love you my Rose, the beauty and fragrance of flowers in the universe of all that I am... I love you with all my being, without beginning and without ending... because I was born to love you... as you were born to love me, to be loved infinitely: the most beloved queen and baby doll in the world... you'll see... I promise you!... I love you like this, already... and it's just the beginning... a beginning of eternity, a beautiful journey to the End of the Stars... infinity!

I'll stay by your side... let's drink together love like spring water... spring you for me, spring me for you, spring the Love for us.

I love you my sweet Rose... the infinite treasure of my soul... you are my life and everything to me... today, yesterday, tomorrow, infinite!

Why «The Letters of Salem»?

Why «The Letters of Salem»?

Why «The Letters of Salem»?

Firstly because it was necessary... secondly because the Love itself has been dreaming of them since eternity, has been waiting for them for thousands of years and has prophesied them throughout the history... apparently it sounds like a joke... but it is the pure truth... all the prophets have spoken about them!

When we look back, the Love every time before a semaphore intersection of history has chosen a man as a tool to achieve its purpose: the salvation... the salvation of a group of people, the salvation of a nation, the salvation of a destiny, the salvation of a world... so was a Noah, an Abraham, a Moses, a David, a Solomon... and the list goes on... so it would be absurd to think that things are any different now, when the world is once again at a semaphore intersection.

Just as there was a Noah with an ark, an Abraham with a tent, flocks and an altar, a Moses with a with a staff, a David with a sling, a Solomon with wisdom... so there was chosen an Elias with «a book»: «The Love... from alpha to omega», and the need for this book is illustrated in the ark, in the tent, flocks and altar, in the staff with miracles, in the sling and sword, in experience and wisdom.

We know that without the ark there was no chance for mankind to survive, we know that without Abraham there would have been no chosen people and no salvation, we know that without a staff there would have been no deliverance from bondage and no law to show man what is good, we know that without sling and sword there would have been no kingdom, and without wisdom today we would have no hope... and yet, all this has not brought back the Paradise...

It was necessary for another man to come... without an ark, without a flock, without a staff, without a sword, without being waited for by the wise men of the world... a man... an Elias and «a book»... «the book» that brings the Paradise!... because in the Paradise we can enter only by loving... and people don't know how to love anymore... so, the Love has come with a liberating solution from darkness and lies... so from the twinkling of the stars «this book» was born, «The Love... from alpha to omega», «a book» that can be an ark, and a gathering of sheep in one flock, it can be a staff and a law, it can be a kingdom, it can be the wisdom of the Love!

Thus, without us having planned it beforehand, the need to meet here was born. The Love brings all things through «the book»... you bring all that Love moves you so that the ark may embrace the world, the flock may drink of spring water, those in captivity to lies may be set free, the lawless may know what is good, the kingless may have a kingdom, the mindless may understand... and all of us thus blessed by the Love may walk again to Paradise... which we have never done before... for at this crossroads where we now stand, we have never been... and neither was the green light at the semaphore.

«I put My words in your mouth and cover you with the shadow of My hand, that I may build new heavens and establish a new earth and say to Zion, 'You are My people!'» «For behold, I am making new heavens and a new earth; so that no one will remember the former things, and no one will remember them.» «For as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall stand before Me, so shall your seed and your name stand before Me.»

Today I come with «the book»... what do you bring?

We know that Noah did not build the ark alone, Abraham did not shepherd his flock alone, Moses did not go alone from Egypt to the promised land, David was not alone when he set up the kingdom, and Solomon was not alone when the House of the Love was built. The Love has always worked through a man in the midst of those who supported him... today you are needed... only together can we build the bridge to the Paradise, each with what he has as a gift at him from the Love...

Today I come with «the book»...

Paradise is to be conquered boldly, and those who dare seize it.

Mankind's biggest problem is that no one tells the world with conviction that we have a soul to gain or to lose, and that we have a Paradise to conquer. It was once said: it is useless to gain the whole world if you lose your soul... or it doesn't matter if you've got nothing, but you've conquered Paradise.

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